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tv   KTVU News at 7pm on TV36  KICU  May 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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was entertained by it and retweeted the video. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." ious. the victim caught on video, and the devastating issues she's dealing with. the bade area cooling trend continues coming up when clouds move in. a neighborhood targeted by a fire bug, the new connection investigators are making to four separate walnut creek fires. the news starts now, channel 2 news at 7:00. after facing her attacker in court, a woman speaks out about
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the assault that changed heard life forever. the video itself is hard to watch, a woman walking down a street and brutally attacked. for the very first time we're hearing her account of what happened. it was referred to as the pink saturday assault, happening during pride week but the victim tells us she was not taking part in the festivities. today in an interview she shared her feelings about the sentence handed down to the man who attacked her. >> reporter: emily is robbed and kicked in the face on a san francisco street last june . she blocked out and didn't go what happened to her until she saw the footage a few weeks later. >> my heart sank and it was surreal and hard to take in and realize that that was me and that's what happened to me. >> reporter: she agreed to talk to us today if we did not
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show her face. she came to court to see this we-year-old sentenced to six years if prison for robbing and assaulted her. >> i would have preferred it to be longer, gotten the maximum of eight years, but i feel it's better than nothing. >> reporter: in court he apologized and said he prayed she would forgive him one day, i'm appreciative of what he said. the only question, are you sorry for what he did, and he said he was. >> reporter: she says she suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and considered suicide. >> a loud noise or somebody walking too close to me, and a great fear of being attacked again. >> reporter: she praised police and prosecutors for handling the case. a good samaritan who helped identity the victim is set to be honored next week by the
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district attorney. the manhunt is over for a former fire chief accused of fatally stabbing his 26-year- old girlfriend. investigators say he admitted guilt in the killings. investigators say fleming was hiding out where his pickup truck was abandoned. he was arrested earlier today after a detective spotted him getting on a bus in south sacramento county. today the sister-in-law said the whole family has been on edge since the body of douglas was discovered. >> shocked for 15 days and now we're relieved that he's found. i can say this for a lot of people. we'll be able to sleep better knowing that nobody else is going to get hurt. >> the manhunt was complicated by his extensive skills in the outdoors as well as his familiarity with california's mountains. a high fire dang ger was evident in the south -- danger
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was evident in an area near morgan hills. it has burned through 10 acres since it started about three hours ago. it's now 70% contained and crews will be on the scene all night long. we have seen a chopper dropping water, along with a plane dropping fire retardant. investigators in walnut week are looking for a serial arsonist. we are live explaining the possible connection to another arson somebody case. paul? >> reporter: i'm surrounded here by -- last night, about a half a mile where i'm standing, another fire was intentionally set. >> when i arrived to this fire last night, in fact the same fire fighters were on the engine that were there two years ago and we looked at each other and said right we've been here before.
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>> reporter: they had. this investigator said the date was september 21, 2012 where the wind picked up and burned a larger area and that fire was ruled arson, same at last name. >> the fighter that occurred here two years ago was determined to be intentionally set. we had a few leads there that we followed up on and nothing panned out. >> reporter: this map shows where three other fires occurred since saturday. with all of the fires, investigators believe they are connected and they say they have a serial arsonist on their hands. since this is an active investigation, they could not tell us what they found to rule the case an arson but did say that the time of day the fires are happening, it's a good chance the arsonist may be a young adult. >> under that tree is a party spot finding cigarettes and cans, all kinds of stops, and it's a place where the kids are
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known to hang out and party. >> reporter: investigators stay a majority of the fires happen between 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. report any suspicion activity you may see. >> neighbors were looking into suspicion fires. 10 fires were set and two others were at homes, including a car set on fire in an open garage. one home owner was hurt. investigators say this could all be the work of a single person. one eighth burr said her dog alerted her to somebody in the yard. >> somebody was walking in front of our house around the back up to the hill. >> it's scary. it's really scary now. >> fire officials collected possible axle chemicals at
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scene. a big rich involved in a crash with other vehicles triggering a traffic mess, happening on northbound 888 in oakland. the police say it involved a big rig and three other vehicles. one of those vehicles was stolen. traffic was backed up on southbound 888 where a truck spilled a load of granite slab. a member of our news team was stuck on 888 and captured this video. the video shows drivers coming from the interchange and getting on the 11th street on-ramp in the wrong direction. the story and the video got national attention last month. you see here a 15-year-old stow-away landing in honolulu after climbing a fence in san jose. people were stunned at how easy it appeared. the teen climbed into a wheel
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well without being noticed. >> there's a real intrusion event, like somebody cutting, we can eject. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] invited high-tech companies to show how they can make airports safer nation-wide. >> there's no requirements today that airport officials be alerted when a perimeter is breached. >> reporter: that's what happened last month when a 15-year-old leaped across the fence and snuck into a wheel wed well and made it to honolulu. with this latest incident the government finds it self playing catch up again. >> six major airports were breached in the last five years, and some are board known than
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others. >> the small companies say their technology works and some is already in use at small airports. motion detection systems are made to protect other in infra astructure. >> >> things would be a cut climber or crash or car. >> reporter: with this system, whether you are trying to get in or out, the minute you try to scale the fence, guess what? security already knows. >> we can tell along the fence exactly where the intrusion is. >> reporter: airport leaders say they are all for the technology but they need the money for it. >> i believe that the american people would rather us make this investment now than after a catastrophe. >> reporter: three weeks
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before the perimeter incident, san jose. day four of the wildfires where temperatures dropped a little and the winds calmed down. the total acreage burned, about 31 squares miles. 11 fires, and five are contained. evacuation orders are still in effect. one person was arrested for starting a small brush fire up in ocean side. a bus driver now being called a hero, his daring efforts to savors from a bit bull. a widow makes a plea to whoever stole her jewelry.
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we'll have weather coming up.
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families and supporters of three people being held by u.s. immigration held a vigil in san francisco. they are asking them to release the them while they seek asylum here. a spokeswoman said it's up to another agency and the courts to here asylum cases. a bus driver new to the job is getting high praise tonight for putting himself in the line of danger. he got into action from behind the wheel to stop a potentially silent pitbull attack. that driver said he was just doing what he had to do. >> the dog kept barking and i
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kept doing this. >> reporter: what he says he saw from his bus was scary. >> it was a bad situation. it was a dangerous situation but somebody had to be there for the kid. >> reporter: from this surveillance video you can see a pitbull on the right of the screen charging back and forth. it was barking at one teenager and then another boy and girl in front of the library. he said he had one thought... >> i had to man up and make sure the kids will be okay. >> reporter: he got out of his bus, him there on the left... >> i knew i was going to get bit. i knew that. there was no doubt in my mind. i don't know how i didn't die or get bit. >> reporter: the dog didn't attack him but it was not paying attention to the teenagers. likery clerks ran to the door after -- library clerks ran to
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the door after hearing it and told them to come in. animal services is investigating and the dog owner has two bit bulls and it slipped its leash and this is the second time in two months he has charged at somebody. officials are looking into whether he needs to wear a muzzel. he was a hero, super. >> what i did was i hope something anybody would do for my kids. it's not heroic. it's somebody caring about others. that's all. >> reporter: he's been driving a bus for three months and the transit officials are saying they are very proud of him. >> a petition has been launched calling for the closure of the
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wildlife museum, after this video. students have taken part in programs at the museum to learn how to take care of animals. the school official tells us disciplinary action was taken against the students involved and they're not allowed back into the program. a grandmother is hoping to recover stolen items from a car. they were in a briefcase under the seat of a rental car when somebody broke into that car last night. she's hoping maybe the thief will have a heart. >> they were a gift of love and my family knows how much my husband and i loved each other and how much they meant to me. i would hope they would look at it that way. >> her husband is now gone. this ring is still warn on a
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change around her neck. the june 3rd primary is a little more than two weeks ago and officials are making an appeal tonight for more volunteers to help. they need more than 1,000 people to serve as election officers. officials tell us there's a particular need for individuals who speak two languages. california's economy is showning signs of rebounding since the -- showing signs of rebounding since the recession. employers added some 56,000 jobs last month. california still lags behind the national rate of 6.3%. the state's labor force has grown in the past seven years. general motors will pay a $35 million fine for failing to
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report a deadly defect. >> what we cannot tolerate and never accept is a person or a company that knows danger exists and says nothing, literally silence can kill. >> investigators say g. m. knew going back to 2004 that ignition switches could be turned off accidently. at least 13 people were killed in accidents. wall street closed on the upside after a few days of losses. the gains came from positive reports from retailers and telecommunications companies. a san francisco investment could is buying the red lobster chain. they have been struggling and there's some 600 restaurants around the country. it's an all-cash deal.
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a grocery store in one east oakland community said it's fighting to help more families buy healthy foods. this store opened in march but it can't accept wick vow vouchers. another market is also caught up in the red tape. >> there's kids everywhere and it's mostly for the kids and pregnant women so it should be everywhere. >> they are marking 10 years in business this no but has not been able to accept wicc for a year and a half and they have to shop somewhere else. the heat from this week is gone, a few low 90s out there but everybody cooled off today and that will continue into the
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weekend. temperatures from this afternoon, the cool spots right near the immediate coastline. san francisco, 65. livermore and antioch upper 80s and lower 90s. 85 for fairfield. high clouds approaching the northwestern portions of the state and those high clouds will approach the bay area the first thing saturday morning. now we are in the clear with a bit of a breeze out there and winds topping 15 mph. current temperatures, it's 56 degrees in san francisco, and san jose, 71, santa rosa, 73, fairfield, 76, and talking about the wind speeds, wind out of the southwest and gusting to twin mph out toward fairfield, and wind at the airport out of the west and more reports for you from sfo, 20 mph, and half moon bay, winds gusting up to 16 mph, and san jose, winds out of the northwest. beautiful out right now looking
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out to san francisco bay. as i mentioned, mostly clear skies. tonight we have this, breezy conditions, a cooler weekend and warming next week but no major heat waves in the five-day forecast. overnight lows, saturday, lots of 50s out there, and the coolest spots, upper 40s. that's the key headline there. gusty winds redeveloping into saturday afternoon and no major changes in sunday. sunday will be the coolest weekend and monday, the coolest day of the week. skies will become partly sunny into the afternoon hours. once, again, the wind speeds pick up into the afternoon hours, topping 25 mph out toward the coast, out toward sfo, and san francisco, a high of 65 degrees. here is a look ahead in your
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five-day forecast. cooling right on through monday and partly sunny skies and warmer by tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. the the kentucky derby winner, california chrome, is the horse that they hope will win. the odds or three: five. a female broadcaster finally stepped away from the lime light. determining to free a hump back whale, the effort that was days in the making.
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a whale is swimming free again thanks to a group of marine biologists. this is video. the whale was freed and first spotted late last month dragging heavy fishing gear that prevented the whale from diving to field. weather hampered efforts to free the whale when it was first spotted but a satellite tracker
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helped them find and free the animal this week. public out-cry in a school after one student's class photo was excluded from the year book. it's because she chose to where a tuxedo. they require girls to wear a dress. social media exploded with jessica's picture going viral. barbara walters got a send-off as she headed into retirement today. she is hanging up the microphone after more than 50 years in tv, news. she was the first woman ever to co-anchor an evening news broadcast. thank you for making ktvu
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news your choice for news. our coverage continues at 10:00. 33 parking tickets in one parking lot in one day. come agency is writing them up? [captioning made possible by
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- the game is accusing nightclub and a famous nightclub of pulling a donald sterling. >> racism is still alive, man. >> they now decided they don't want minorities or athletes in their club. >> athletes? mean it that way. >> clippers lost game six and why? ow rihanna. she is sitting courtside wearing a white shirt completely see-through and starts grabbing her boobs. >> maybe she was adjusting her bra. >> she's not wearing a bra. >> those are flap jack central. out. >> curtis young at the ontario airport.


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